At Wimbledon Dental Wellness, we use crown lengthening to treat ‘gummy’ smiles and to aid in the successful application of other treatments such as crowns.

A ‘gummy’ smile is the term often given to a smile where more of the gum is visible. In some patients, it can appear as though they have ‘smaller’ or ‘shorter’ teeth than is normal, when in actuality, the teeth are being covered by an excess of gum.

We can help address this through crown lengthening, whereby we will remove and reshape the excess gum, revealing more of the bone beneath and creating a ‘larger’ tooth. For some patients, this treatment can be necessary in order to successfully apply a crown or other restoration. Other patients might simply want crown lengthening to improve and enhance their smile.

Whatever the reason for crown lengthening, at Wimbledon Dental Wellness, our compassionate and well-informed team members are highly skilled when it comes to such treatments. We will always talk through all your options beforehand and make sure that you feel entirely comfortable and confident when it comes to your cosmetic dentistry journey.

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