Wimbledon Dental Wellness

Welcome to Wimbledon Dental Wellness. We are a family dental practice in the heart of Wimbledon Broadway, with a focus on Excellence in Patient Care, Holistic, Preventative and Cosmetic Dentistry.

At Wimbledon Dental Wellness, we prioritise the overall wellness of our patients and place them at the centre of all our treatments and treatment journeys. As an experienced team of compassionate and talented dental professionals, we know that no two patients are the same and therefore no two patient journeys should be either.

We are a team of two sisters, who believe that good quality and ethical Dentistry should be affordable for all. We take the time to get to know each of our patients individually. Using your dental health history, lifestyle, personality and smile ambitions, we will build a bespoke treatment plan that works for you. For some of our patients, this means regular check-ups and annual hygienist visits. For others, it may mean a detailed treatment journey that takes in restorations and cosmetic treatments to achieve the smile that they desire.

Our 360-degree approach to Dentistry and oral healthcare means that we will look at your treatment journey from every angle. It also means that we will always advocate for your long-term dental healthcare, promoting preventive care measures wherever possible and only recommending intervention when absolutely necessary.

At Wimbledon Dental Wellness, we have invested in cutting edge Dental Technology to ensure that we are bringing the most up to date techniques to our patients. This means we can cut down on treatment times while also making them as comfortable as possible for the patient. We can also help ensure the long-term success of treatments through use of cutting edge, durable, sustainable and more natural looking materials.

Our dedication to staying up to date with changing techniques and technology and 22 years of combined Dentistry experience also means that we can offer high quality cosmetic treatments to all our patients and help transform their smiles. We want to make sure that we are always going the extra mile when it comes to ensuring our patients can smile with confidence. This is why we have invested in providing such a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments. This also extends to Acupuncture to treat TMJ and our Facial Aesthetic range of treatments which includes Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Correction.

We also provide early mornings, evenings and weekends appointments so that we can offer our patients the greatest amount of flexibility when it comes to booking appointments.

If you’re interested in becoming a patient or would simply like to book an appointment, click here to contact us or call us on 020 8150 3737.

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