Periodontics is the name given to the field of dentistry concerned with the gums and the other structures of support in the mouth.

Thanks to our 360-degree attitude towards dental care and the care of our patients, here at Wimbledon Dental Wellness we prioritise and promote the care of the gums at every stage of the patient journey. Our commitment to preventative dentistry means that we offer regular dental hygiene appointments and encourage all our patients to visit the hygienist at least annually.

Whilst for most patients, preventive care measures will be enough to keep their gums healthy, there are some situations where this is not the case. Some patients may need a more targeted and bespoke gum treatment so that their gums are as healthy as possible. Bacteria that accumulate around the gumline can cause inflammation, which in turn cause bleeding, gum recession and bone loss. To treat this, we need to clean under the gum line – a treatment called root surface debridement. This is usually done under local anaesthetic and over a few visits.

Once your periodontal treatment is complete, we also provide supportive therapy to make sure that the gum health is being maintained and that bacteria is not building up again under the gum line. We usually recall gum therapy patients every three months, until gum disease is completely stabilised.

Healthy gums allow the teeth to be stronger for longer. We will always do everything we can to treat our patients in-practice for gum treatment but can also provide periodontist referrals to those patients who need it.

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